Put Em In A Coffin Compilation #2: New Trend That Has Recently Gone Viral

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This is what's wrong with our generation.

The Night In The Ring Where All Hell Broke Loose

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Sitting On People Prank Gone Wrong

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Dangerous But Classic Builders Trick

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Not very clever really, they could have blinded the laddie plus if it were cement or plaster it would burn his skin and he may even breath it in causing his lungs untold harm.

Drunk Guy Fights A Bus Stop

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Drunk Guy Climbs Fence. I Can’t Stop Laughing

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How To Kiss A Girl In 10 Seconds!

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CIA Prank In The Hood Goes Wrong (Guy Pulls A Gun)

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Guy Hits Cell Phone Battery With Hammer And It Explodes

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Pranksters Make Homeless Guys Arm Wrestle For Money

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German Shepard Drops Dude With A Crazy Tackle!

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Street Fighter II (The Church Edition)

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Drunk Police Officer Pulls A Man Over

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These Are The Worst Friends In The World

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Nike Football: The Last Game – Epic Match Between Soccer Stars And Cyborgs

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Awesome Disney style CG commercial by Nike starring your favorite football players Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Zlatan, Iniesta, and more. Watch as they go up against their perfect clones. They may be perfect, but the...

Nasty: This What Happens When You Boil Coca-Cola

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Who doesn't love a nice refreshing can of coke? We all know it's not particularly good for you, but it tastes good. What happens when you boil it down? In this video, youtube user CrazyRussianHacker decides to do just...

The World’s Tallest Bike (14.5 feet) – POV

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Guy rides through the streets of LA enjoying a nice view 14.5 feet above the ground on a stupidly tall bike. Not for people with the fear of heights! This guy has some serious balls riding on a bike that tall. One wro...

The Mountain from Game of Thrones deadlifting 994lbs…

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They don't call him the mountain for nothing. Apparently this guy got his role by picking up a staff member at the audition. I can imagine it now, "Whoa, such power! You got the role! You'll do your own stunts which c...

Extreme Facebook Update… Like A Boss!

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I think we can all agree that sometimes we do reckless things to show off, but this is taking it to the extreme. But gotta admit, he's doing it like a boss. That's one heck of a facebook update. Remember kids, don't d...

Seth Macfarlane Performs His Family Guy Voices…

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Very talented guy to be able to jump between voices like that, and hilarious too. It seems like Brian from family guy is the normal Seth Macfarlane voice. With all the voices he does for the characters, it must be str...

Inspiring Runner Takes A Fall But Still Wins The Race

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Hard work and dedication. This runner wasn't gonna let her work go to waste with one single mishap. I guess the fall to the face pushed her beyond her limits, in a good way. One has to wonder what was going on in the ...

Lower Your Volume Before Watching This: Epic Fireworks

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If it's that loud through the speakers, imagine how loud it was sitting through that in real life. What was supposed to be a relatively lengthy show of fireworks turned out to be a one minute wonder. I guess for them ...

Novak Djokovic Just Made A Ball Boy’s Day

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That ball boy just couldn't believe his eyes. But Novak Djokovic is known for his good sportsmanship. I'm sure that the ball boy initially was sad about the rainy weather, but not after what happened in this video! He...

This Is What Happens When The Public Sees A Woman Abusing A Man

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Teen Dances To Michael Jackson At His High School Annual Talent Show And Kills It!

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I remember trying these moves as a kid in the privacy of my room. Needless to say they weren't nearly as good as this teen's dance. This kid straight up killed it. I like how they reserved the best for last. Really ma...

Watch A Massive Thunderstorm Form In This Timelapse

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They call these things supercells but to the untrained eye that straight up looks like a tornado forming. It's a rotating updraft which is why it never touches the ground. Just an awesome show of the power of mother n...

Pure Adrenaline Base Jump: Jumping From Roof Of Skyscraper

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You can be like these guys and live out your fantasy of committing suicide via jumping off a skyscraper...minus the suicide part of course. Just pure adrenaline, though I can think of a number of things that can go wr...

Mirror’s Edge POV: Parkour Point Of View – So Breathtaking

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Look at those graphics, it looks almost like real life! Oh wait... but it's even cooler when it's done in real life. One slip and that could be the end of his life. But done correctly and you got yourself one cool vid...

Russian Teens Risk Their Lives Climbing One Of The Tallest Buildings In The City

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Prepare to have sweaty palms after watching this video...unless you're Russian. Is it really just me or do Russians seem like they have no fear of heights? It can't be just me. The large amount of videos floating arou...